I translate documents for the life science industry. As a native French speaker, English to French assignments are my specialty. In addition to document translation, I provide proofreading, linguistic consulting, and back translation services.

I started translating as a project manager for a French biotech company. What was then a part time activity is now a full time occupation and I have now translated thousands of documents for major biotech and biomedical companies over many years. I fully understand biotech concepts and specialized vocabulary thanks to my PhD and research experience in the Life Sciences. I accept tight deadlines and respond to customer needs for the quick turn around of assignments. I consider my customer’s deadlines a higher priority than my husband!

Translating a concept does not consist on replacing a word by a word in a different language. A translation must be clear for the target audience and requires thoughtful consideration before choosing the appropriate term. This is particularly true when translating instruments for Patients Reported Outcomes, rater scales, or questionnaires for branding surveys since they are directed toward a specific population. As a native French speaker, I occupy an ideal position to decide the appropriate terms for the target audience.

I have proofread and reviewed hundreds of documents. As a passionate linguist, I make sure that the syntax and wording of your documents are mistake-free and I assure the flow and consistency of the text. As a scientist, I always verify that the technical terms are accurate.

I translate voice-over and subtitle scripts for training videos, medical device marketing ads, documentaries, and interviews. I have the skills necessary to translate in a concise manner without compromising the meaning or the purpose of the material, and keep the target audience in mind. As a native speaker of French, I know when to use a familiar type of language, slang, or more technical or sophisticated language.

I started performing consecutive interpretations more than 10 years ago, when a woman seeking asylum asked for my help to attend an intake at a major human rights advocacy organization. It was both extremely challenging and highly gratifying. Since that day, I have interpreted pro bono on a regular basis for this and other organisations. Many major DC legal firms have hired me to assist their clients in the asylum application process, all the way to the final case hearing. This activity requires strong inter-personal skills, an ability to stay focused under stress, including emotional stress, and an ability to accurately convey messages that could be easily confused.