The accuracy of my translations is founded on my ability to understand the document source, its purposes, and the culture of the country where the text originated and where it will be read. My broad scientific experience and years of experience as a translator lead to highly consistent and accurate final products.

The biomedical science industry requests the assistance of translators for many reasons: translating materials for global clinical trials, regulatory documents, scientific communications, and documents for globally marketed products. Accuracy and precision are key to addressing the clients’ needs.


Educational material and ICFs for clinical trials related to environmental allergies.


Patient materials such as diaries, training manuals, and patient information.


Acute coronary syndrome: ICFs, heart transplant protocols, deep vein thrombosis marketing flyers.


Psioriasis: ICFs, patient information, and protocol synopsis.


Diabetes: marketing flyers, ICFs.


Crohn’s Disease: ICFs, patient information, protocols; ulcerative colitis: marketing flyers; surgery: patient information and ICFs on laparoscopic, bariatric, and abdominal surgery.


Muscular dystrophy: letters to patients and physicians.


Blood transfusion: translation of blood center market studies; HLA and transplant guidelines.

Infectious Diseases

Including Ebola, HIV, HBV, HCV, pneumopathy, H1N1 flu, parasitology (dengue, malaria): educational materials, prevention information, information to physicians, patients, and workers; community acquired pneumonia: post-marketing information; Onchocerca volvulus: clinical study SOPs.


Including breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, leukemia: ICFs, protocols, patient information, protocol amendments, global aid sale.


Macular degeneration: protocols, ICFs, letters to physicians.


Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease: ICFs, patient information, protocol synopsis, letters to physicians, questionnaires and scales (linguistic validations).

Nuclear Medecine

MRI: guidelines for MRI interpretation.


Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder: ICFs, subtitles for physician training material.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: patient recruitment materials.

The field of biotechnology is my forte as I spent more than 10 years in labs both in France and in the USA. Biotechnology covers all major areas of biological discovery including functional genomics, proteomics, stem cell research, cell therapy, and cell biology.


Cell culture: protocols, marketing flyers; microscopy: protocols of detection.


Salmonella, tuberculosis, cholera: notices, protocols for methods of detection.


Cell culture: protocols, marketing flyers; microscopy: protocols of detection.


Antibody test kits: product notices.

How many times have you seen bad translation in a user manual? A new user of a medical device relies on the instructions to handle the device and a mistake can lead to serious injury or death. For this reason, I always take the time to do complete research during a translation of a medical device document. I have translated instructions for a wide variety of devices. Some of them are presented below.

Fecal Management Systems

Marketing flyers, questionnaires, and notices for user.

Infusion Systems

Intraosseous infusion systems: marketing flyers, product descriptions and notices.

Injection Systems

Syringes: marketing flyers, product notices.

Insulin Pumps

Marketing flyers.


Marketing flyers, questionnaires, and notices for users.

Sterilization Equipment

User manuals, marketing flyers.

Surgery Equipment

User manuals.