In addition of being a passionate linguist, I have work experience from both the academic and private sectors. Through my scientific experience, I acquired the knowledge and the reasoning essential to grasp the meaning of technical texts.


12 years


10 years


8 years

I started translating technical documents as a scientist. I built on my scientific expertise to progressively become a full time technical translator and I now have many years of full time translating experience. My clients are small biotech companies and global leaders in the life sciences. I proactively maintain my training and expertise in Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, to meet client’s needs for tight deadlines and consistency.

Here is a list of my academic publications; note that Ipublished under Guillerm which is my maiden name:


  • Dohoney, K. M., Guillerm*, C., Whiteford C.C., Elbi, C., Lambert, P. F., Hager, G.L., and J.N. Brady. (2004). Phosphorylation of p53 at serine 37 is important for transcriptional activity and regulation in response to DNA damage. Oncogene. Jan 8;23(1):49-57.


  • Pise-Masison, C. A., Radonovich, M., Mahieux R., Chatterjee, P., Whiteford C.C., Duvall, J., Guillerm, C., Gessain, A., and J.N. Brady. (2002) Transcription profile of cells infected with human T-cell leukemia virus type I compared with activated lymphocytes. Cancer Res. Jun 15;62(12):3562-71.


  • Pise-Masison, C. A., Mahieux R., Radonovich, M., Jiang H., Duvall J., GuillermC., (2000). Insights into the molecular mecanism of p53 inhibition by HTLV-1 Tax. AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses. 16:1669-75.


  • Pise-Masison, C. A., Mahieux R., Jiang H., Ashcroft M., Radonovich, M., Duvall J., Guillerm C., and J.N. Brady. (2000). Inactivation of p53 by human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 tax requires activation of the NF-kappaB pathway and is dependent on p53 phosphorylation. Mol. Cell. Biol. 20:3377-86.


  • Pise-Masison C.A., Mahieux R., Radonovitch M., Guillerm C., Whiteford C., Lambert P., Ratner L., and J.N. Brady. Inactivation of p53 function by HTLV1 tax protein. Cold Spring Harbor, Retroviruses, May25- May 30 1999. P276.


  • Guillerm C., Robert-Hebmann V., Hibner U, Hirn M and C. Devaux. (1998). Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1-infected CEM cells treated by an antibody that inhibits virus genes expression and syncitia formation do not undergo apoptosis. Virology. 248 : 254-63.


  • Guillerm C., Coudronniere N., Robert Hebmann V and C Devaux. (1997). Delayed Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1-induced apoptosis in cells expressing truncated forms of CD4. J. Virol., 72 :1754-1761.


  • Devaux C., Biard-Piechaczyk M., Coudroniere N., Guillerm C., Roland J., Robert-Hebmann V and L. Briant. Signal transduction due to HIV-1 envelope interactions with the CD4/CXCR4 receptor complex. 12th World Aids Conference Geneva, June 28-July 3 1998.


  • Guillerm C., Robert-Hebmann V., and C. Devaux. Anti-CD4 (CDR3-like loop) antibodies inhibit HIV-1 induced apoptosis. Ixth Symposium on HIV infection. Toulon, March 6-8. 1997. Abstract OP 2.0.


  • Guillerm C., Coudroniere N., and C. Devaux. Role of CD4 in HIV-1 induced apoptosis. XXIV eme Forum des jeunes chercheurs SFBBM. Corte. July 8-11 1997. P71.


  • Mc Nair., Zemzoumi K., Lutcke H., Guillerm C., Boitelle A., and Dissous C. (1995). Cloning of a signal-recognition-particule subunit of schistosoma mansoni. Parasitol. Res. 81 : 175-177.


  • Mc Nair A., Zemzoumi K., Boitelle A., Guillerm C., Capron A., and C. Dissous. Schistosoma mansoni : Cloning of a gene encoding a signal recognition particle sub-unit homolog. Spring meeting of the British Society of parasitology. University of Bath, April 6-8 1994. 156.

I assisted in the conduct of clinical trials as a scientist for a French biotech company (Hemosystem). I was responsible for following up on the results and the progress of on-going clinical trials of the company’s products in the US. I also assisted in setting up collaborations in the US for the clinical trial of a biomedical device. Because of this concrete experience, I know what the documents relate to; the text is more than just words. The following are abstracts presented during meetings:


  • Besson-Faure I., Monnot des Angles A., Guillerm C., Nannini P. (2001) Scansystem : the solution for detecting Bacteria in platelet concentrates. AABB 54 th Annual Meeting, San Antonio 13-17 October. (SP43)


  • Besson-Faure I., Monnot des Angles A., Nannini P., Guillerm C. (2001) The Scansystem : a rare event detector for counting residual leucocytes in plasma. AABB 54 th Annual Meeting, San Antonio 13-17 October. (SP74)

Expertise in Trados, Wordfast Classic, Wordfast Pro.

Member of the American Translators Association (ATA # 251047), Member of the ATA National Capital Area Chapter. You will find me on and on LinkedIn.

I used the translation services of Claire for a couple of important legal documents required for my US citizenship application. All documents were approved by the USCIS officials without problem. Claire’s translation services are of high standard and professional, wonderful communication and excellent  turn around time.

Ruben Calzadilla


For a training video I produced with funds donated by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, I turned to Claire Wright to help with translation, voice-over narration, and cross-cultural assistance with an African native who was featured in the production. I found Claire to be reliable, friendly, and a persistent addition to the team.”

— Tony Hidenrick, Video Producer