My key strengths are technical knowledge, linguistic accuracy, and professionalism. I work hard to guaranty the accuracy of the product. I don’t miss deadlines. I feel responsible for the content of my translations. I am aware of cultural particularities and never hesitate to research for specific information. My involvement does not stop at the deadline. I ensure that the final document satisfies the client and make changes upon request.

I have a deep sense of scientific integrity, reinforced by my experience as a scientist. A technical translation must be loyal to the source, and above all, its scientific meaning. There can be no compromise. Not understanding the source can lead to mistranslation. Therefore, understanding the fundamental science and meaning of the source is the crucial first step of translation. I do the necessary research for my scientific understanding of the material, contact the client to ask questions if necessary, but do not translate a text until I understand it.

I have 10 years of experience as a researcher in life science. I know from designing experiments and writing scientific articles that information must be supported by data and prior literature. The same rule applies to translating a scientific document. I always keep this in mind.

I have worked for many private companies, in the linguistic field and other fields. I understand the importance of listening to the client. I know that a translation memory or a glossary, as well as specific instructions provided by a client should be followed strictly unless there is an objective mistake. Moreover, I will always take into consideration feedback and requests for revisions.

I am deeply attached to my native culture and language. I am aware of context dependent language variations. I make a point to use the appropriate language for the target audience. For patient questionnaires or advertising flyers, I will carefully weigh the options before choosing the terms to use. I have extensive experience in linguistic validation and understand the importance of justifying my term choices. This skill is critical to the effectiveness of marketing documents and maintaining the respect for brands when they are moved to a new language market.

When I accept to work on a project, I don’t simply complete the project by the deadline, I also provide customer service. The job is not done until the customer is happy with the product.

Because every project is different and the client’s needs are specific, the first step consists of analyzing the document: what type of document (pdf, Word…), the technical level of difficulty (how much research will be necessary), the existing glossary (provided by the client), and the word count.

According to these factors, I define a return date and offer a job quote. I will adapt to the client’s needs for the deadline and the rate. A CAT tool will be used for the translation unless otherwise requested. After the translation, the document will be proofread several times, consistency within the text verified, and checked against the client’s glossary. If after receiving the final product, the client finds objective mistakes, the document can be submitted for corrections free of charge.