Welcome to my website. I am Claire Wright, a free lance English to French translator, U.S. and French citizen, based in the Washington DC area. I serve the needs of the global life science industry, translating clinical, research, business, and training documents.

Integrity and Accuracy


My key strengths are technical and linguistic accuracy, professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail. I ensure that the end product is the most accurate, relying on my knowledge of cultural nuances and willingness to fully research a subject matter when necessary.

Areas of Life Science Expertise


Ranging from Biomedical Sciences to Biotechnology and Medical Devices, my subject matter expertise allows me to thoroughly understand document sources, their purpose, and their scientific context — all critical to guarantying the accuracy of your translated text.

Linguistic and Scientific Credentials

ICAM sequence

I have a passion for linguistics and 10 years of scientific research experience from academia and the private sector. That scientific experience is essential to understanding the meaning of technical texts and maintaining the author’s intended meaning in the translation.

Clinical Trials


I have worked on thousands of documents, mainly related to life sciences and more specifically to clinical trials. These documents include Trial Protocols, Informed Consent Forms (ICFs), Case Report Forms (CRFs), Clinical Agreement with Contract Research Organizations (CROs), and Investigator Brochures.

Personal Touch


When I accept a project, I not only commit to delivering the final product on time and on budget, I also pledge to provide excellent customer service. Through timely communications and accessibility, I keep clients informed and engaged in the process so they know what to expect and what’s next: the job is not done until the customer is satisfied with the product.

Whether you wish to translate from French or English, whether it’s a training manual, a recall letter, or an article on bacteriology, or if you simply wish to check my availability for an interpretation, please contact me.

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Photo credits: Carousel slide 1, Xenograft Model to Study Prostate Cancer, Credit National Cancer Institute; Carousel slide 2, Retina Nerve Cells, Credit Weil Li (National Eye Institute); Carousel slide 3: Fat Cells and Blood Vessels, Credit Daniela Malide (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute); Carousel slide 4: Dividing Cells, Credit Nasser Rusan (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute); Linguistic and Scientific Credentials image: ICAM sequence, courtesy of Dr. I. Lemasson; Clinical Trials image: Ebola Virus, courtesy of NIAID